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Blacktop Updates







KML export

Dashboard revamp

Project surface geometry and parameters on ROW images.

Export your current map view as KML for visualisation in Google Earth.

The backend dashboard graphics gets what is probably the last update as the new map centric dashboard is nearing it's first beta release.

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Meet us in Copenhagen

Sustainable development

Swedish standards

Date: June 8th 2017.

Date: June 2nd 2017.

Date: April, 20th 2017.

Next ERPUG will be held in Copenhagen October 19-20. We look forward to meeting you there.


It's important to use up to date development tools. Every programming language or development tool eventually becomes so old that it´s no longer feasible to maintain in a cost efficient way. Viabix we continuously rebase the code to the latest versions. And we avoid focusing too much on a single language or technology in case that technology dies of sometime in the future.

Thanks to our partnership with Greenwood Engineering we are now able to deliver a turnkey solution for any company that wishes to measure and deliver data and reports according to the current Swedish standards for road surface testing.


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We provide services and products that aid in collection and analysis of data  for the transport and infrastructure sector.


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