Meet us at ERPUG 2017 in Copenhagen.

Date: June 8th 2017.

Next ERPUG will be held in Copenhagen October 19-20. We look forward to meeting you there.




Sustainable software.

Date: June 2nd 2017.

It's important to use up to date development tools. Every programming language or development tool eventually becomes so old that it´s no longer feasible to maintain in a cost efficient way. While it's impossible to avoid every pitfall that comes associated with the development of programming languages and their varying popularity over the years, it is possible to avoid most of the headache by taking some precautions. At Viabix we continuously rebase the code to the latest versions. And we avoid focusing too much on a single language or technology in case that technology dies of sometime in the future.



Full support for Swedish standards.

Date: April 20th 2017.

Thanks to our partnership with Greenwood Engineering we are now able to deliver a turnkey solution for any company that wishes to measure and deliver data and reports according to the current Swedish standards for road surface testing.




World conference on pavement and asset management.

Date: March 6th 2017.

The European Pavement and Asset Management Conference (EPAM) and the International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets (ICMPA) has been combined in to one big conference.




A thanks to everyone who showed their interest at ERPUG 2016.

Date: November 8th 2016.

At ERPUG 2016 in Prague there was a big interest in our web service Blacktop 3D. We are preparing test drive accounts for those who have requested to try out our software. We are planning to have representatives at ERPUG 2017 also.



Viabix forms partnership with Greenwood.

Date: April 25th 2016.

We have formed a partnership with Greenwood Engineering to ensure better support for their measurement equipment in future releases of the Blacktop web service.

Viabix will be able to deliver turn key solutions for users of  the Greenwood profiler and  the Greenwood TSD.  Users will be able to create Excel and CSV

reports from data using the report module. The 3D viewer will be able to display data from the profiler together with data from the TSD to make data analysis easier and more powerful.



Blacktop Test Drive.

Date: Aug, 18th 2015.

We are working on putting together a new test drive platform. It's planned to be up and running in October. Contact us if this sounds interesting. We would like to know what type of equipment your organisation is using and what data formats you are working with.


We're quite flexible as to how your test drive server can be configured. Compute power, storage and external georeferenced data connections to your local road authority can be set up according to your needs. For schools, universities and public research projects where blacktop is chosen as a research and reporting tool we will gladly assist and discuss the outline of any development and how results should be presented and made available.




Date: Jul, 20th 2015.

The HI-SPEQ project might be a interesting read for those interested in getting their own equipment.  HI-SPEQ aims to address the issues that one has to deal with when investing in new road survey equipment.

We are looking forward to the results on Work Package 4 and hope that it could be the groundwork for standardising some or the data processing and interpretation of data.

Erpug 2015 in Budapest.

Date: Jun, 8th 2015.

The 3rd ERPUG meeting is taking place in Budapest, October 15th-16th. Viabix will naturally be monitoring the news and research results discussed during this event.

This conference might also be a good opportunity for those who are thinking about buying a road surface scanner as several of the equipment manufacturers will attend the conference and showcase their equipment.

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