Cloud service extraordinaire

Our software suite is highly modular. We add the functions that you need and develop new ones in accordance with your specifications.

We manage backups and keep your service running even in bad weather.

Basically all the things you expect from a cloud service, so that's nothing new.


But there we start to differ from your regular cloud service provider.

Maybe you want to manage your backups yourselves to save money, or perhaps your wishes are of the more complex variety, Eg. virtual high availability clusters in the cloud using GPU accelerated functions tailored specifically for your data. No feature request is too outrageous. Tell us your wishes and we'll tell you what we can do.


You need not fear that you must commit to a certain pavement management solution or data format. We make sure that all your data can be migrated from our cloud service as we strive to keep you future options as open as possible and we put that in print in your service contract.

There should be little or no additional expenses to convert existing data for transfer to another third party asset management system.  Read more here.

Low cost

Feature rich

Future safe





Hassle free

We assist road holders in selecting the best maintenance plan for  their roads . We add support for your new data formats. We help tailor your Pavement Management System to fit your requirements.

We create bespoke tools for our web service to fit your needs and your road network.


We promote free software and try to use  open source software whenever we can, we also contribute back to the open software community as much as we can.


Leave all the IT to us. Hassle free management with cloud solutions.

No need to go through your IT department, everything  is done via your web browser. Although integration with your existing infrastructure is possible.

Test drive

Send us an request and we will set up a test account. Although it might be wise to contact us far in advance so we can make sure we have the import translators for our software updated with your data formats.


Your test drive account will be hosted on a dedicated physical server. Most likely a HP DL380 G9 as those are the ones we have reserved for test drive accounts. If you require real time parameter calculation from point cloud data for projection within the Blacktop map module we also need a heads up to be able to configure and tune the software for your data format.


Discounted licenses for universities.

Universities and research groups who wish to use Blacktop will be offered a discounted subscription.


All test drive applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Tell us who you are, what you need and want and we will then aspire to accommodate your wishes.

3 month test drive

Dedicated yet flexible hardware solutions

Free educational license

Quick contact

Telephone: +46-737-879-703



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Quick Bio

We provide services and products that aid in collection and analysis of data  for the transport and infrastructure sector.


Organisation number:  559025-6581

VAT Number: SE559025658101