About Us

Our Story

Viabix was formed by people with a background in asset management, data analysis and road surveys, many of the functions and features in our product portfolio has its origins from past research projects and work made for earlier assent management projects within the EU.  The Viabix team has accumulated not only expertise in the field of road asset management but we have accumulated a vast collection of tools. A few gems from this collection of tools was rewritten to be accessed from a web portal. That collection of tools was to become the idea for a new web based platform where people could manage road surveys, road survey data, create reports and statistics. The principal idea behind our work was to create a platform that presents information to users in such a way that it would be directly usable by decision makers on all levels, be it people deciding where on a street spot repairs should be made or on a national level deciding which states road network should be prioritised. Today that software suite is for the most part redesigned and is referred to as the Blacktop software suite.

Our Mission

We want to help road holders around the world to better manage their roads with the help of road survey data. And we want to do this for a price far below our competitors. From the beginning were a group of people conducting curiosity driven research with little or no business applicability in mind. This has lately shifted as our tools have become more mature and widespread. People are not only asking for advice on specific road maintenance related problems, but on help with forming an entire organisation for managing a road network. Our mission is now to create a framework of tools which will form the basis for a asset management system suitable for a wide range of users, and all this for a self cost price, in other words, the cost for the end user should not exceed what we are spending on keeping the service up and running for the user. Expenses for developing custom functionality and other consulting expenses for any user will always be available to all other users of the web service through software updates.

How we work

Our work is focused on creating sustainable software solutions. It's important to use up to date development tools. Every programming language or development tool eventually becomes so old that it´s no longer feasible to maintain in a cost efficient way. While it's impossible to avoid every pitfall that comes associated with the development of programming languages and their varying popularity over the years, it is possible to avoid most of the headache by taking some precautions. At Viabix we continuously rebase the code to the latest versions. And we avoid focusing too much on a single language or technology in case that technology dies of sometime in the future.


 - We closely watch new technologies available in web browsers

 - We use modern continuous integration pipeline to develop our products

 - We contribute to the open-source community by fixing bugs and adding features to open-source projects that we use.”


Who We Are

Marit Bohman

Founder & CEO

The core team maintaining software development consists of people  from Denmark, France, Sweden and Slovenia. The people  in the core team have decades of collective experience in the road and infrastructure sector but most of all we love to develop software that solves problems and we have a passion for problems considered hard to solve and we cant wait to try out the newest techniques and technologies. We also like to keep ourselves updated on road management related projects going on in the EU.

We are among other things monitoring closely what's happening in the world of PMS (Pavement management systems) and the development of new measurement systems for roads. Our headquarters resides in Sweden as well as our main data center.

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Telephone: +46-737-879-703

Email: info@viabix.com


Viabix AB

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Quick Bio

We provide services and products that aid in collection and analysis of data  for the transport and infrastructure sector.


Organisation number:  559025-6581

VAT Number: SE559025658101